How Does It Work: A Detailed Sublimation Printing Guide for You

How does it work? Step 1 – Prepare Your Design Select and design high resolution image for photorealistic quality printout.   Step 2 – Process in RIP Software RIP your digital print image, and get it ready for printing.   Step 3 – Print with OnePrint TEX-1800 A well-designed image is printed on transfer paper. (Dye sublimation printer+ sublimation […]

Information about Epson 5113 Printhead: Size, Speed, Price, Encrypted or not

With speedy development of large-format digital printers, variable complex printhead comes out, including distinguished Epson 5113. It has been widely used for sublimation printers due to stunning speed, low cost and applicable water-based ink. This article is to help customers have a better understanding of Epson 5113 printhead. No matter the size, speed, price and […]