Graphic design

OnePrint provides the tools to help transform your ideas into reality.


Ink: ECO-UV White + CMYK + Clear

Media: Metallized Board

This one-of-a-kind mounted sign is brought to life with photorealistic details, special custom-texture and embossed effects all printed on the UV hybrid printer.

Bottle Openers POP

Ink: ECO-UV CMYK + Clear

Media: Corrugated Board

Printed on corrugated board with UV hybrid printer, these authentic looking bottle opener displays feature distinctive finishes came true with clear ECO-UV ink.

Stand Up Sign

Ink: Ink: ECO-UV CMYK + Clear

Media: Rigid Sign Board

POP displays like this one are straightforward to create with UV flatbed printer, that accepts foam board and other different rigid media up to 200mm thick.

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60x60cm Desktop UV Flatbed Printer

The UV series have ability to print on a wide range of substrates for outdoor and indoor use. No matter soft or hard material, it can be value-added product to bring more benefits. Affordable, reliable, profitable, it delivers high quality print day in and day out.


Printhead : Epson XP2000 Europe Edition
Printhead Quantity : 2 units
Print Size: 
60 x 60 cm
Print Height : 20 cm Max
Speed: 60s for full size printing
Ink: UV Ink
Color: CMYK White / CMYKLcLm / CMYK

To-Go Bag


Media: Brown Bag

With the UV roll to roll printer, you’ll be able to produce custom to-go bag prototypes and other packaging items, printing directly on substrates in an automated workflow.
Printed with inkjet printers and vinyl cutter.

Shrink Wrap Bottle Labels

Ink: Eco-UV Ink

Media: Shrink Wrap

Bottle labels printed with Eco-UV ink stretch up to 220% to make working with shrink films a snap.


Ink: ECO-UV CMYK + Clear

Media: Cardstock

Print posters with brilliant colors and special varnish and emboss textures on virtually any substrate for a finished look that’s sure to catch your customers’ eyesight.

Six-Pack Case

Ink: ECO-UV White + Clear

Media: Cardstock

With the UV hybrid printer , even the most complex designs can be produced with easy workflow.

Business Cards

Ink: ECO-UV CMYK + Clear

Media: Cardstock

With the use of clear Eco-UV ink to add a sense of elegance to business cards. The samples as shown were printed on double-sided cardstock with CMYK and varnish for embossed effects, then automatically diecut.

Beer Glass Insert

Ink: ECO-UV CMYK + Clear

Media: Clear Polycarbonate

The UV hybrid printer excels at creating unique custom-textures and gloss finishes. These drinkware inserts look fantastic enough to drink, thanks to a high-gloss finish produced with ECO-UV ink on polycarbonate clear media.

Menu Pages

Ink: ECO-UV CMYK + Clear

Media: Glossy Paper

Printed with an UV roll to roll printer on gloss paper, these menu pages entice customers with beautiful imaging and premium finishes.

Menu Cover

Ink: ECO-UV CMYK + Clear

Media: Metallized Board

You can customize every branding graphic your job requires with OnePrint’s graphic design printers, from menus to signage, with sophisticated matte and gloss finishes, stunning image quality and custom diecut shapes.

Take Out Box Labels

Ink: Eco Solvent Ink

Media: Solvent Glossy Paper with Adhesive

These decorative branding elements were printed and contour cut on adhesive-backed vinyl with eco solvent printers and vinyl cutter.

Wall Decal

Ink: Eco Solvent CMYK

Media: Adhesive Backed Wall

Graphic Vinyl
In one compact footprint, the inkjet printers pack all the power you need to create colorful wall graphics such as these decals.

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Eco Solvent Printer SJ-3200 Series

Meet OnePrint SJ-3200 series large-format eco solvent printers, built with dual staggered Epson printhead, robust machine structure, 3.2m max printing width and 1440dpi precision, quality and productivity are built-in. Expediate the production process while not sacrifice performance. Trully a versatile machine that empowering business to enlarge profitability.


Printhead : Epson DX5 / DX7 / XP600 / TX800
Printhead Quantity : 1 / 2 / 4 (4 heads available for XP600 models)
2 pass mode available in 4 heads XP600 model
Print Size: 3200mm (126 inch / 10.5 feet)
Speed: 45 sqm / hour on 4 pass
Ink: Eco Solvent Ink
Color: CMYK / CMYKLcLm

Window Sign

Ink: CMYK + White

Media: Clear Static Cling

The UV roll to roll printers create eye-catching window graphics using CMYK printing layered over white ink on clear media. Static cling media in either clear or white is available from OnePrint.

T-Shirt Heat Transfers

Ink: Sublimation Ink CMYK

Media: Heat Transfer Material

The dye-sublimation printer creates colorful heat transfers for custom apparel with stunning effects.

Bottle Labels

Ink: Eco-UV CMYK+ White + Varnish

Media: Adhesive Backed Vinyl

The UV roll to roll printer is the perfect device for short run or prototype production like these microbrew beer bottle labels, printing CMYK and embossed effects then automatically diecutting in a vinyl cutter.